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Snap Pay — Direct Payment

New for INOVA members

Please take note: Due to a recent Visa mandate, beginning February 10, 2018 INOVA can no longer accept Visa® Credit Cards for the repayment of any loan. To comply with this ruling, we request that you login and update your payment method before February 10, 2018 if you have previously paid using a Visa Credit Card.

If you have a loan with INOVA, you can now schedule your loan payment(s) to be paid automatically with funds from your account at another financial institution. It’s simple, just choose the option below that you prefer.

INOVA offers two payment options to make your INOVA loan payments: one-time payment and reoccurring payments. You choose which payment option works best for you, so, whether you want to make a single payment or schedule a recurring payment for a certain date or time of the month, the process is simple.

There is a $10 fee with the one-time payment option and the maximum payment amount is $2,500. 

For the recurring payment option, there is no fee. 

Click the "payment" button that you prefer below to begin the payment process.

One Time Payment   Recurring Payment

There are multiple payment methods to choose from when using the INOVA Loan Payment system:

  • ACH payments from Savings or Checking accounts may be used for both of the INOVA loan payment options.
  • For the one-time payment option, Visa Debit, Discover, and/or Mastercard are also offered.

For your convenience, step by step detailed instructions will guide you through the process and if you have questions, we are just a phone call away.

INOVA Visa debit or credit cards may not be used for either of the INOVA loan payment options.

INOVA Visa and mortgage payments are currently not available using this on-line payment program. For assistance making a Visa or mortgage payment, contact INOVA to discuss these payment options.