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Need a little extra? SKIP A PAY!

Because your plans can change at any time, INOVA offers a solution that lets you skip a loan payment once per year.

Skip A Pay is a convenient tool to help you free up some extra cash for:

  • Holiday shopping
  • Vacation time
  • An unexpected emergency
  • Whatever you need

To get started, simply login to online banking and click on the accounts tab.

Not enrolled in online banking yet? No problem! Follow these simple steps to enroll today!

The Skip A Pay fee is $50 per loan skipped and only one skipped payment per loan per calendar year. You may not skip your first payment or consecutive payments, regardless of the calendar year. Business Loans, real estate loans, credit cards, and open ended lines of credit payments are not eligible for the Skip A Pay. Must be a credit union member in good standing.

*Skipping a loan payment it will extend the term of the loan, interest will continue to accrue, and the final loan payment may be different due to the skipped payment. All other terms and conditions of the loan will remain the same and regular payments resume the following month or billing cycle immediately following the skipped payment. 
*The following loan types are eligible for the Skip A Pay Program: Signature, vehicle and recreational vehicle loans
*The following loan types are not eligible for the Skip A Pay Program: Mortgages: First Mortgage and Powerhouse, Lines of Credit and Powerline, Visa Credit Cards