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INOVA’s Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 23, 2024, 5:30pm Eastern Time at the corporate office, 358 S. Elkhart Avenue, Elkhart, IN. You can also attend the Annual Meeting virtually by clicking here

At INOVA, we are grateful for the dedicated volunteers who serve on our Board of Directors. Their mission is to ensure INOVA remains committed to the best interests of our members by operating at the optimal level of safety, soundness, and integrity.

There are three candidates up for re-election at this year’s annual meeting. Since no additional members have been slated for these positions, the nominating committee has slated each of these current candidates for his or her open position. There will be no nominations from the floor and the election will not be conducted by ballot when there is only one nominee for each position to be filled.

The nominating committee has slated the following candidates for re-election:

Robert Weaver

Robert is a Principal at Anchor Construction. He has held the following positions for INOVA FCU: Current 1st Vice Chairman of the Board, Chairman, Treasurer, and member of the Executive and Nominating Committees. A Graduate of Purdue University, Robert has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, is a licensed Professional Engineer, and is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor.

Eric Loughman

Eric Loughman retired after 40 years with Bayer Corporation where he worked in quality control and as a financial analyst in the cost accounting department. While at Bayer, Eric received specialized training in Management and SAP. Eric also served as Secretary/Treasurer of BSRA for 10 years. Before working at Bayer, Eric served in the Army as a Staff Sergeant. Eric currently serves INOVA FCU as a Treasurer of the Board and previously served on the Supervisory Committee as Chairman. Eric studied engineering at Tri State University and business and accounting at Indiana University.   

Hugh Johnson

Hugh Johnson, a native of Elkhart, Indiana, is a business owner and entrepreneur. He brings over 30 years of business and marketing experience with a focus on growth strategies. Among his business ventures are J2 Marketing, LLC; The Garage Arcade; QORE International, an IT talent acquisition firm in Tunisia; and the Noble Endeavors Fund, LLC, a syndicate of local angel investors. Hugh currently serves INOVA FCU as a Director of the Board.